Medical/Dental Professionals

Leading with CARE Own It Series

As Kaleida Health wraps up this year’s Leading with CARE through Ownership, providers are encouraged to view an 8-minute, web-based course on Talent Management titled, “Leading with CARE Own It Series.”

The third and final part of Leading with CARE through Ownership includes another video from Jody Lomeo, president and CEO of Kaleida Health, as well as a brief video titled, “What If,” which serves as an introduction to the optional "Own It Series” on Talent Management.

Employees and providers are invited to participate in the Own It Series, which is intended to provide personal development opportunities for every member of the Kaleida Health family. Topics range from work, conflict, health, family matters, etc. The Own It Series consists of a wide selection of online learning modules in Talent Management lasting as short as a couple of minutes. To locate these courses, simply launch Talent Management and type “own it” in the search field. The search results will display all Own It Series courses.

For each optional Own It Series course individuals complete, they will be awarded a badge that is worth a specified amount of points based on the length of the online learning:

  • 0-15 minutes = 50 points
  • 16-30 minutes = 100 points
  • 31+ minutes = 200 points

Everyone who completes the mandatory course on Talent Management will automatically receive 50 points for the “What If” video included at the end of the course.

At the end of six weeks, individuals will be awarded an “I Own It” pin based on the number of total points accumulated:

  • Gold Pin = 4,001+ points
  • Silver Pin = 1,501-4,000 points
  • Bronze Pin = 500-1,500 points

After the initial six-week period, individuals will be able to upgrade their pin level by completing additional Own It Series courses.

In addition, similar to the Selfie Challenge, individuals from across Kaleida Health will be invited to share a photo of themselves or their teams with their personal commitments to themselves, their patients, their colleagues or the community. These Commitment Challenge photos can be sent to and will be shared in OneVoice, via email, on screen savers and eboards, and on Kaleida Health’s social media channels.

As Kaleida Health continues to improve the patient experience, the tools and resources within Leading with CARE empower everyone to own their role in the patient experience. By truly committing to owning our jobs, we can continue to make a difference for our patients, visitors, colleagues and the entire community.