Medical/Dental Professionals

Leading with CARE through Ownership: Part II

The second phase of this year’s Leading with CARE focuses on ownership and commitment – both individually and as a team.

Beginning Sunday, August 5, managers will bring their teams togetherLeading with CARE on a regular basis to review Kaleida Health’s mission and a series of weekly commitments centered around the CARE values. Providers are strongly encouraged to participate in these meetings.

The weekly commitments will also be sent via email, as well as displayed on KaleidaScope, screen savers, eboards and on tabletop displays in each department. These weekly commitments are intended to foster teamwork, pride and engagement.

Similar to the Selfie Challenge, individuals from across Kaleida Health will be invited to share a photo of themselves with their personal commitments to themselves, their patients, their colleagues or the community. Send commitments to