Medical/Dental Professionals

724Access Downtime Viewer

724Access Downtime Viewer is a software application intended to support clinicians during planned and unplanned incidents when the primary Cerner Millennium database is unavailable. It provides access to a subset of clinical and demographic data for a patient's current encounter. The data available presents a snapshot in time of what the EMR looked like two minutes prior to the onset of the downtime.

About 200 dedicated workstations are being deployed system-wide. These workstations are exclusively for use during EMR downtime events, such as software upgrades and unplanned outages.


  • Uninterrupted access to patient records during system outages improves safety and communication
  • Less reliance on printed forms to gather and share patient information during system outages improves efficiency and accuracy
  • You will have continued access to FirstNet tracking information, pharmacy fill lists, order tracking, appointment searching and lab collection status, allowing for cross-departmental coordination of care during the downtime
  • Clinical information can be viewed or printed from a dedicated, standalone workstation and viewer
  • Patient information is continuously sent to front-end workstations so information can be accessed through the 724Access Downtime Viewer at any time


724Access Downtime Viewer workstations were installed at nursing stations and in EDs and ORs across the Kaleida Health system. The goal is to have the system up and ready for the planned downtime associated with the Remote Hosting Option/Code Upgrade outage from December 7 at 7:30 p.m. through December 8 at 7:30 a.m.


A web-based training video of approximately 40 minutes is available on Talent Management. Search for "724Access Downtime Viewer Demo Video." 

A quick reference card titled "724Access Downtime Viewer" is available on the EMR Training Materials page on KaleidaScope.