Medical/Dental Professionals

Provider Procedures During Planned EMR Downtime – December 7-8

This information is for those working during the scheduled downtime Saturday, December 7 at 1930 – Sunday, December 8 at 0730

724Access Downtime Viewer

  • For those in an inpatient, OBS and/or ASU bed status at least two minutes prior to the scheduled downtime:
    • ALL Dyn Doc notes (H&P, progress notes, consultations, operative notes, procedure notes), clinical notes, radiology reports, and cardiology diagnostic reports performed during that encounter for the prior 7 days will be viewable in the Downtime Viewer
    • Select documents across encounters for the previous 24 months will be viewable
  • For all patients in an ED bed status at least two minutes prior to the scheduled downtime, the entire ED record from the past 7 days as well as select documents across encounters for the previous 24 months will be viewable
  • For all patients who arrive in the ED during downtime, nothing will be available in the Downtime Viewer


  • HEALTHeLINK can be accessed from the Applications page of KaleidaScope
  • You must register in advance to access information in HEALTHeLINK – contact me to assist you with registration
  • Content on HEALTHeLINK includes:
    • Laboratory data from Quest, LabCorp and virtually all hospitals in the 8 counties of WNY
    • Imaging reports from freestanding community imaging centers and many of the WNY hospitals
    • Some cardiac diagnostic study reports from various WNY hospitals
    • Documentation (H&P, consultations, operative notes, procedure notes, discharge summaries) from virtually all WNY hospitals
  • HEALTHeLINK data will complement data in 724Access Downtime Viewer
    • Patients who arrive in the ED/are admitted during downtime – there will be no information on these patients in the 724 Downtime Viewer
    • Current inpatients who have had a diagnostic study and/or a consultation >7 days ago – this information will be on HEALTHeLINK
    • Patients at a Kaleida Health facility who have had a previous hospital stay at ECMC or a CHS hospital, or a diagnostic test at CHS or an independent imaging facility in WNY

Provider Documentation During Downtime

  • All provider documentation will be on paper – this includes ED provider notes, progress notes, pre-procedure notes, post-procedure notes, operative notes, procedure notes, H&P, consultations, and discharge summaries
  • Please legibly print or stamp your name at the bottom of your hand-written note
  • It is essential that blank documents for each of the above types (H&P, consultation, progress note) are printed during downtime from Forms on Demand (FOD). These documents have a bar code at the bottom of the blank page (and the bar code is different for each type of document). The bar code allows Health Information Management (HIM) to efficiently scan these documents into the correct place in the EMR
    • A link to a Quick Reference Card on how to use FOD is on the Applications Page of KaleidaScope (Forms on Demand)
    • All nursing staff should be familiar with printing from FOD if you need assistance
  • During downtime, all documentation should be placed in the paper chart for that patient
  • Following downtime, all downtime documentation will be photocopied, with a photocopy left in the paper chart. HIM will scan all hand-written documentation into the EMR on Sunday, December 8
  • Please wait until the downtime is over to compose operative notes, procedure notes, full consultations and discharge summaries, so that these can be typed directly into the EMR

Orders During Downtime

  • All orders will be on paper, and all orders will be scanned into the EMR post downtime
  • Please print legibly (especially your name) or use a stamper. Include a contact phone/pager number in case nursing or pharmacy needs to contact you to clarify an order
  • Enter all orders for a.m. labs by 6 p.m. on Saturday, December 7 (so that these orders can be entered in the EMR pre-downtime)

Medication Reconciliation During Downtime

  • Admission, transfer and discharge medication reconciliation will be a paper process 
  • There are downtime medication reconciliation forms available on Forms On Demand

Data During Downtime

  • Nursing assessments/vitals/orders/med admin during the downtime will be with the paper chart
    • Orders and med admin will be back entered Sunday morning
    • Nursing assessments/vitals will be scanned into the EMR by HIM on Sunday
  • Reports of diagnostic studies and laboratory results during downtime will be faxed to the unit
  • All critical lab results will be called to the unit