Medical/Dental Professionals

Remote Access to PowerChart, KH Email and Talent Management

If you have an assignment in Talent Management which you wish to complete remotely (as opposed to doing the assignment on a KH device within a KH facility), you have two options:

  • You can remotely log onto Talent Management at If you do this, please note that the user name you must enter is your 3 letter, 3 number system user name followed by (i.e.
  • You can remotely log onto Clinical Desktop, and then navigate to the KaleidaScope Home Page, and go to the “Kaleida Links” section on the left top of  the page, and scroll to Talent Management and click on this link to navigate to Talent Management
    • Please note that remote access to Clinical Desktop allows you to access your KH email on your personal PC and to access PowerChart on your personal PC
    • If you are not currently configured for remote access, please call the IT Service Desk at 859-7777 #3 for assistance