Medical/Dental Professionals

Quality Design Teams for System Improvements

As Kaleida Health continues to focus on improving quality and patient safety, we are putting together multidisciplinary design teams to help us with system improvements in the areas of patient safety, outcomes and engagement.

The 2019 Quality Improvement and Patient Safety (QIPS) Plan includes changes to its structure, reporting and goals:

  • Structure: Design teams will be established to drive improvements in clinical processes and outcomes across high-priority quality domains
  • Reporting: We will be using high-level reporting on domains to help appreciate subspecialties within the priority focus grid
  • Goals: We aim to see continued year-over-year improvement

As a system, we will focus on the three overarching categories and their related design teams below:

  • Patient Safety
    • Hospital acquired infections (HAI)
    • Patient safety indicators (PSI)
  • Outcomes
    • Mortality
    • Readmissions
  • Engagement
    • Patient satisfaction
    • Population health

Similar to the successful approach we have had at reducing hospital acquired conditions (HACs), these design teams provide a structure to facilitate multidisciplinary system representation while incorporating risk-based thinking focused on improving process and outcomes.

This quality improvement structure will include executive sponsors, physician champions and subject matter experts with site-specific focuses and ownership. The design teams will function with high priority and a sense of urgency to drive year-over-year improvement.

We need your involvement, expertise and ideas from your service lines to help us drive these improvements throughout the organization. We encourage you to participate on these design teams within your subject matter expertise. Please reach out to David Hughes, MD, MPH, ( Charlene Ludlow ( or Ken Snyder, MD, PhD, ( for more information or to be assigned to one of the design teams.

Thank you for your continued commitment to improving the health of our community!