Medical/Dental Professionals

December Update

This is my last President’s Message, as I will transition the Presidency to Dr. Michael Beecher, the President-Elect, on January 1, 2020. I know this transition will be winkelsteinseamless, as I have had the pleasure of serving with Mike for many years and know that he will be an excellent President.

It has been a privilege and an honor to serve the Kaleida Medical/Dental Staff during the past years. Of course, the President does not work alone. I am deeply grateful to and appreciative of many individuals who have devoted a great deal of time and energy to the Staff. In particular, I want to thank my fellow officers Mike Beecher, Kent Chevli and Mike Mineo, along with my committee chairs Russ Vaughn, Jo Anne Arnold, Vincent Callanan and Andy DiLuca for their work and dedication. I would also like to thank David Hughes for his partnership and support, and George Matthews for his advice and mentoring. It would be impossible for me to overstate the debt that I, and the Medical/Dental Staff, have to Patty Vorpahl and Luz Cardona, who provide the backbone of our ability to function.

Throughout my terms, I have tried to emphasize one theme in particular. I believe that there is a critical interdependence among the Board, the Medical/Dental Staff and Administration. These entities must be aligned around a shared vision that has as its goal the triad of good patient care, hospital success and provider success. No one part of the triad can stand alone; we only succeed if we achieve all parts. Medical/Dental Staff leadership and health system leadership must partner in order to respond to the many challenges in health care. We need a trusting relationship among these entities, which comes from a shared vision and shared decision making. We must go forward together, or we cannot go forward at all.

We are stewards of health care for our community. We must ensure there is excellent health care today, and we must ensure there will be excellent health care into the future. We must work for our community of today and of tomorrow.

I look forward to continuing to work with you.

Peter Winkelstein, MD, MS, MBA, FAAP
Medical/Dental Staff President
Kaleida Health