Medical/Dental Professionals

Improving the Well-being of the Medical/Dental Staff

WinkelsteinAs part of our ongoing efforts to address provider professionalism and wellness (aka “burnout”), we held two full-day retreats in May. In my opinion, provider well-being has three dimensions: the individual, the collegial and the environmental. Each dimension needs to be addressed; there is not any one single solution to the problem of burnout.

Our first retreat was focused on the environment, in particular, on our electronic health record (GLIMR). This program was created jointly by Cerner and Great Lakes Health for an audience of GLIMR provider champions. We covered topics such as:

  • Leadership and culture
  • Change management
  • Provider professionalism and wellness
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Crucial conversations

The goal of this program was to give participants an opportunity to reconnect with their personal “why” and to have an actionable skillset with which they can drive the configuration of GLIMR to support provider well-being.

Our second retreat concentrated on the individual dimension. We brought in the Human Performance Institute (HPI), part of Johnson & Johnson, for their one-day “Performance” course. HPI is a world-class organization that concentrates on personal achievement. The goal of this program was for participants to examine where they are, where they want to be and determine an action plan to improve. The invitees were provider leaders from across Great Lakes Health.

The initial feedback from participants at both retreats was overwhelmingly positive. The Great Lakes Health Provider Professionalism and Wellness Steering Committee will be evaluating the feedback to determine our next steps. We welcome any suggestions or thoughts you may have.

Great Lakes Health is embarked upon a major cultural transformation: from individuals to family, from silos to system. The GLIMR project is merely one aspect of this change. Success is imperative; we will only succeed if we, the Medical/Dental Staff, can work in partnership with the Administration and the Board. Improving the well-being of the Medical/Dental Staff is a critical component of this partnership.