Medical/Dental Professionals

November Update

I am pleased to note that a physician was elected to Congress during the midterm vote this month. Dr. Kimberly Schrier will be the first pediatrician to serve and the only currently serving female Peter-Winkelsteinphysician. She is a pediatrician with Virginia Mason in Washington State. Dr. Schrier made access to care a central part of her platform: “…we can live in a country where no family faces bankruptcy because of medical costs. We can live in a country where nobody has to choose between paying their mortgage or paying their premiums. We can live in a country where no parent has to think twice before they take their child to the doctor because it might be too expensive. We can get affordable health care for every person in this country. We just have to decide to do it.” ( I hope that we can all work together, and with Dr. Schrier, to be sure our patients have access to the care they need.

At the Medical/Dental Staff meeting last month, we reviewed the updated Profession Practice Evaluation Committee process (PPEC; formerly Peer Review) and approved a number of bylaws changes. I would like to thank Jo Anne Arnold, Mike Mineo, Maralyn Militello, Aven Rennie, Patty Vorpahl and their teams for their outstanding work on this project. This work gives the Medical/Dental Staff a dramatically improved set of tools for a fair and equitable process around provider evaluation and will help us ensure that the care we give is of the highest quality.