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COVID research in WNY hospitals & UB
  • Please email the University at Buffalo Clinical Research office at for any information required, any leads for research studies and anything else related to COVID research.
  • If you are proposing a COVID research study, please use the see this link to provide some summary information as the first step. An ad hoc scientific review committee will review this form and get back to you within 72 hrs and assess how the CRO and CTSI may be able to provide assistance and support.

Lab research techAt Kaleida Health’s Office of Research and Sponsored Projects, we take our mission to advance the health of our community seriously.  Engaging in research activities provides us with a unique opportunity to improve and enhance patient care through discovery and innovation. Discoveries are achieved through a combination of federally-funded research, sponsored research projects with the biotechnology, medical device and pharmaceutical industries, and our team of passionate, dedicated investigators. 

Research and Clinical Trials News

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UB CRO (Clinical Research Office)

Through our affiliation agreement with the University of Buffalo we are fortunate to have access to the UB Clinical Research Office (CRO), which is a centralized office charged with administrative oversight for all clinical research activities of the university's faculty members (including Kaleida Health employed physicians with a UB appointment). The CRO facilitates compliant, meaningful research within the institution and across the Great Lakes Health community by unifying policies governing research conduct.

Here you will find links to the UB CRO’s electronic systems and databases including the Central Study Registration, OnCore, Click and Clinical Research Management System as well as contact information for the individuals who can help you get your research started!

Clinical research technician using microscopeList of active Clinical Trials

Clinical Research Studies are projects involving people (human subjects) that seek to answer specific questions regarding health. Furthermore, Clinical trials are a type of research study used to determine whether new drugs or treatments are both safe and effective. Each research study and clinical trial is approved by the Institutional Review Board (IRB), to ensure that risks are monitored and federal guidelines are followed.

Use and Disclosure of PHI for Research

All researchers work with data. Here at Kaleida Health we work within both federal and state regulations to provide protected health information (PHI) to researchers who meet the requirements of these regulations.

The HIPAA Privacy describes the ways in which covered entities like Kaleida Health can use provide PHI and disclose for research purposes. Under the HIPAA Privacy Rule, Kaleida Health is permitted to use and disclose PHI for research purposes with individual authorization, or without individual authorization under limited circumstances. The HIPAA Privacy Rule generally requires covered entities like Kaleida Health to take reasonable steps to limit the use or disclosure of, and requests for, protected health information to the minimum necessary to accomplish the intended purpose.

Request for data can be submitted two ways:

  1. Internal (Kaleida Health Employed) researchers with access to Kaleidascope can complete a request here: Decision Support tool (must be on Kaleida Health network to view)
  2. External researchers can use this form to request data

*Please Note: You must send your IRB approval letter, HIPAA waiver documentation and Data Collection Spreadsheet following submission of the request form.  When requesting data to determine whether your potential research project is feasible, please indicate that your request is to review PHI preparatory to research. Finally, for large requests that require custom report building by the Kaleida Health IT Department a per hour fee may be applied.

Research extracting from pietri dishResearch Associate

A Research Associate is defined by Kaleida Health as non-Kaleida Health employee participating in Internal Review Board (IRB) approved clinical research studies requiring access to Kaleida Health’s Protected Health Information (PHI) and to the Kaleida Health Information Technology Systems.

The Office of Research and Sponsored Projects Research Associate Credentialing process provides non-KH personnel with the appropriate access to KH patients’ PHI under IRB-Approved research studies.  

Please return the completed application and supporting documents to:
Kaleida Health
Office of Research and Sponsored Projects
726 Exchange Street, Suite 270 
Buffalo, NY  14210
Attn: Kelly Gleason