Medical/Dental Professionals

Administering Pain Meds

Safe and effective pain management is essential to helping patients on their journey to improved health.

As per Kaleida Health’s Medication Ordering, Interpretation and Administration policy (MM.401), pain medication is to be administered based only on ordered parameters. PRN pain orders written with multiple dosing options must specify parameters that define when to administer each specific medication and the dosage per the appropriate pain scale.

What does this mean?

Nurses should not administer PRN pain meds without an order for the specific level of pain. All pain must be scored using mild, moderate or severe.

Instructions for nurses:

  • Review orders: each order for PRN pain medication needs to have a specific indication for mild, moderate or severe pain
  • Assess patient’s pain level using appropriate scale and document pain assessment
  • Administer PRN pain medication appropriately based on patient’s scored pain level; do not administer a greater or lesser dose without a provider order
  • Reassess patient’s response to pain including sedation level and respirations each time pain is monitored

Read the manual
Refer to Policy TX.4 Pain Management Adult/Pediatric.