Medical/Dental Professionals

Mask Mandate in Effect; Updated Mask Rules

On December 5, 2019, the New York State Department of Health Commissioner upgraded the influenza presence in the community to “prevalent.” flubugThe Commissioner has stated that effective immediately, any unvaccinated healthcare personnel must wear a surgical or procedure mask in areas where patients are typically present to protect each other and visitors from influenza.

Mask bins are located at all high volume entrances and lobbies. Please remember the following recently-updated rules when wearing a mask:

  • Masks should not be worn hanging around the neck or under the chin. It is either ON or OFF.
  • Perform hand hygiene before putting on and after removing your mask.
  • DO NOT touch the front of your mask. It is contaminated.
  • Masks must cover the nose and mouth and be pinched across the nose. All ear loops or ties must be worn as intended by the mask’s design.
  • Change the mask when it becomes damp, wet, soiled or damaged.
  • Wear a new mask during each work shift or after leaving a patient care unit and before re-entering the same or a new patient care unit.

Employee Health has a very limited supply of influenza vaccines, so personnel who still wish to receive the vaccine can visit Employee Health during office hours.