Medical/Dental Professionals

Ordering PRN Pain Medications

Orders for PRN pain medications must specify the level of pain for which they are to be given.


  PRN orders will require selecting   For example
  Pain - Mild   Tylenol 650mg q6h prn  – Pain Mild
  Pain - Moderate   Lortab  2mg q6h prn       – Pain Moderate
  Pain - Severe   Morphine 4mg q6h prn  – Pain

  Pain – Other:________



If a PRN pain medication is ordered for a pain score for which an order already exists you will receive a pop-up alert:



You may
     1.    Discontinue the other medication first if no longer needed
     2.    Modify order - give specific direction how and when to give
          For example, 
               Alternating 2 drugs for the same score
               Tylenol 10mk/kg     q6h prn - mild pain (alternate with ibuprofen)
               Ibuprofen 4mg/kg q6h prn  - mild pain (alternate with Tylenol)
               Lortab .02 mg/kg    q6h prn - moderate pain
If only one medication is required for all pain, you may select the same med for each level of pain
Note: Additional PRN orders will result in duplicate orders; you may select Other with clear directions
               Tylenol 650mg q6h prn     – Pain Mild
               Tylenol 650mg q6h prn     – Pain Moderate
               Tylenol 650mg q6h prn     – Pain Severe
               Tramadol 50mg q6h prn - Other: for breakthrough pain unresponsive to Tylenol

Any duplicate orders, need for additional orders (patient pain level not addressed with a current order) or ambiguity about the orders will prompt the nurses to call the ordering provider for clarification.