Medical/Dental Professionals

Reminder: Your Use of Kaleida Health's Systems

Please be aware your use of Kaleida Health’s systems – including InfoClique, Eclipsys and the EMR – must be limited to the minimum necessary to complete your work. You must not look at a patient’s medical information unless specifically required to as part of your work.

You may not look up your own protected health information (PHI) in Kaleida Health’s internal systems, and you may not access PHI of your family members or friends, even if those people ask you to access their PHI, unless that access is part of your work responsibility.

You must not modify your own PHI, appointments or other information by using Kaleida Health’s internal systems.

You should use your patient portal to access your PHI.

Just because you have access to a system that houses your information or your family members’ information does not mean that you can or should access that information.

Use of Kaleida Health’s internal systems is subject to audit and monitoring, and if inappropriate access by you is identified, you will be subject to discipline, up to and including termination.